If You Are Thinking of “Firing” A BPD Client


“It’s not uncommon for people diagnosed with BPD to be “fired” by their doctors, including mental health professionals, or refused service. Some psychiatrists, not wanting to burden their patients with the stigma of BPD, will not diagnose it in anyone. I don’t know if that’s supposed to be honourable, but I’m pretty sure you can’t get treatment for an illness you don’t have.” Read more here.

As Lisa’s moving testimonial makes clear, the cost of the current lack of training and support in treating BPD is high. But…


For the first time, researchers like Margaret Wehrenberg are providing research into the neurological basis of personality traits. This is yielding effective approaches and powerful insights into how to help BPD clients. This includes how to better integrate the activities of their brain in order to have better impulse control, to better regulate their emotions and their behaviour, and to achieve more balanced cognitive processes.

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