Song of the Season – Fall 2018

This season Leading Edge Seminars introduces the Song of the Season (#LESSongoftheSeason).
Vienna Teng is an American singer songwriter and was introduced to me by James Baraz, long time mindfulness teacher and a wonderful and wise human being. Vienna’s Level Up was selected as the very first Leading Edge Seminars Song of the Season because it is moving, enjoyable, has a meaningful message and a great beat.
Level Up appears on Vienna’s album Aims. She sings: “Let your faith die, bring your wonder/ Yes, you are only one / No, it is not enough/But if you lift your eyes, I am your brother.” In an interview with USA Today, Vienna explains that this song  reflects the need for acting together, even when you don’t know how to solve a problem, even when you don’t believe the problem can be solved.
Enjoy Level Up:
Begin again
dynamite the dam on the flow.
your body feels the tock tock tock of time as it hammers.
lord we are all cinders
from a fire burning long ago,
but here it is the knock knock knock of your own heart that matters.
Michael Kerman

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