Year: 2018


The Power of Brainspotting and other Eye-Movement-Based Therapies

If you’re up to date on the latest research about trauma interventions, you will have likely heard about eye-movement-based trauma therapies such as Brainspotting and EMDR. However you may still be wondering: How can eye movements possibly alleviate severe trauma symptoms? In this video, brain injury and chronic pain specialist Rob Scaer explains how the […]

Who does Brainspotting work with?

What kind of client is Brainspotting best suited for? In this short video, David Grand gives an overview of how Brainspotting works and for whom.  Click here or watch below. David Grand and Brainspotting are coming to Toronto! Click here to learn more about this amazing 1 day seminar.


Song of the Season – Fall 2018

This season Leading Edge Seminars introduces the Song of the Season (#LESSongoftheSeason). Vienna Teng is an American singer songwriter and was introduced to me by James Baraz, long time mindfulness teacher and a wonderful and wise human being. Vienna’s Level Up was selected as the very first Leading Edge Seminars Song of the Season because […]


Staying up-to-date—Learning the Language of Cannabis

In these two videos, Fall 2018 presenter Zach answers the two questions that are most commonly asked by clients in clinical settings. And if you want to spend an entire day with Zach learning even more, he is presenting The Cannabis Primer: What Every Mental Health Professional Needs To Know… NOW! in both Toronto and […]


Getting Ready for the Legalization of Cannabis on October 17

Are you prepared for a whole new conversation about cannabis?  Cannabis is already part of the lives of many Canadians, and many health professionals work with clients who either already use cannabis or are cannabis-curious. Understanding cannabis, its many applications and the indications associated with different strains will become part of the standard lexicon of […]


Why Do We Cheat? Esther Perel Answers!

Michael, Kim and I still vividly remember when Esther Perel joined us in Cuba 2009 for an international conference that brought Leading Edge Seminars speakers and mental health professionals from North America and Cuba together. After a long day at the conference, a bunch of us were unwinding with some Cuban rum when Esther rushed […]


Happy National Relaxation Day!

Life can be stressful and many of us see the stresses our clients face. Adding the many stresses that our clients present with our own personal stresses can get overwhelming at times. A recent twitter trend was celebrating National Relaxation Day (#nationalrelaxationday) which is vital for maintaining overall physical and mental health. This got me […]