Why is self-compassion so hard?

“Self-Compassion sounds like a good thing until we practice applying it.” Does this ring true for anyone?

Why is self-compassion so difficult for so many people? Spring 2019 Presenter Deirdre Fay answers:

People are hesitant or resistant to self-compassion because we’re afraid of two things. One, it won’t work or make a difference, so Why Bother? Two, we’re often afraid of becoming more vulnerable, that self-compassion will cause us to feel the suffering even more. Protecting ourselves from self-compassion is often yet another way we try to buffer ourselves from pain.

In this video, Deirdre breaks down a THIRD reason why self-compassion can be hard: sometimes, we are so unused to feeling reassurance and compassion that we are not wired to receive these emotions. Our neural circuits just hit “Does not compute!” This video is a long one at 10 minutes and change but in it Deidre discusses how to use images in order to address this conundrum:

Deirdre Fay explores how to facilitate self-compassion as a foundation for healing in her upcoming workshop Easing the Wounded Heart (May 13-14).

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