EMDR with Roy Kiessling: What you need to know


We are very pleased that Roy Kiessling is returning to present the 5 day Basic EMDR training in BOTH Toronto and Vancouver. We recently sat down with Roy to ask him frequently-asked questions about EMDR training and here are his answers!

It is important to understand how the EMDR trainings work and the importance of the training being approved by EMDRIA/EMDR Canada. Participants often also want to know if they are allowed to use EMDR after their training and whether there are any limitations to their use. Roy Kiessling explains here:

How did Roy Kiessling become one of the most highly acclaimed EMDR trainer amongst seasoned therapists and clinicians?

If you are interested in this EMDR training, chances are you have done some research… Here is why you should choose Roy’s training and what makes it unique:

During our August 2018 5-day training with Roy, one of the participants was called to an urgent evening therapy session on the Thursday of the training (the training is Monday to Friday) and used EMDR with this client. This participant returned Friday awe-stricken by the fact she was able to use it so quickly and with such great results but is this to be expected? Here is what Roy had to say:

When therapists start exploring EMDR and considering whether to register for EMDR trainings, they often start from a place of outright skepticism. You are not the only one wondering how waving your fingers around will help your client. Roy thanks you for your skepticism and explains:

And finally, how does EMDR actually work? How does waving your fingers while thinking of negative thoughts help clients? Roy explains how EMDR works in a nutshell:

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