Month: September 2019


Gabor and Daniel Maté on Adult Children-Parent Relations

Once again, Gabor Maté proves prescient in his clinical focus and writing. Leading Edge Seminars is honoured to present his newest workshop Hello Again: A Fresh Start for Parents and Their Adult Children. Gabor and his son Daniel will be co-presenting an evening talk (Oct. 18) and a weekend workshop (Oct. 19-20) in Toronto. Attachment […]


The Power of Breath

We have all been breathing for our entire lives but perhaps we have been doing it wrong. Naturally, we are very shallow breathers and the benefits of deep breathing is substantial. Incorrect breathing can lead to many ailments and Dr. Richard Brown discusses this and how to change this. Learn more: Want to learn more [...]

Workplace meetings: AIM HIGHER

According to TedTalks presenter Jason Fried, “meetings are just toxic, terrible, poisonous things during the day at work”. So in this TedTalk, he describes creative ways to NOT have meetings. Alternatively, you could learn to run better meetings. In her upcoming Fall workshop, Ruth Armstrong will help you: Improve problem-solving, decision-making and collaborations by focusing on group […]