Year: 2019



Participants from last year’s EMDR training and our Bessel van der Kolk workshops report that Dr. van der Kolk claims that EMDR is so effective for trauma patients that not having it in your toolkit is akin to malpractice. Dr. van der Kolk is known for his emphatic manner of speaking and while it is […]


When old traditions become new innovations

How do you help someone in distress? In the world of psychotherapy we continually strive to improve our knowledge and skills to help people change distressing habits of emotion, behavior, thinking, spirit, and feeling. We will never stop asking how to best help others. Sometimes we act as if ideas about helping others were invented by [...]

DBT: Not Just for Clients

As mental health professionals, sometimes you literally face life-and-death issues. Leading Edge Seminars presenter Sheri Van Dijk writes about how crucial self-care can be when grieving the loss of a client due to suicide and how DBT skills can be used: In my trainings and in my work with clients I regularly talk about the […]

Courtyard Downtown Toronto

COURTYARD DOWNTOWN TORONTO 475 Yonge St Toronto ON  M4Y1X7 Convenient location for EMDR -Toronto attendees. Rates do not include HST. FOR EMDR TORONTO TRAINING ONLY Standard Single/Double $229.00/night between 08/25/2019 and 08/30/2019 Registration can be made directly to Marriott Reservations at 1-800-847-5075 on or before Thursday, July 25, 2019