About Us

Leading Edge Seminars Inc. was founded in 1993 by Michael Kerman, MSW, to provide training and continuing education seminars to mental health and Human Services professionals. Our topics, speakers, and presentation styles are on the “leading edge,” thereby giving you an edge in your work with people.

What you can expect

Whether you are a counsellor, therapist, manager, social worker, health care professional or educator, you’ll find that there is something valuable here for you at Leading Edge Seminars.

After attending one of our mental health seminars, workshops or events, you will have learned some new skills, gained a fresh perspective, and spent an enjoyable time with expert leaders who know their stuff and know how to present.

We guarantee that our workshops and seminars will deliver as promised.

A few words from Leading Edge Seminars founder Michael Kerman

Our track record

Since 1993, Leading Edge Seminars has offered over 1,000 workshops presented by prominent leaders in the fields of mental health and management. Feedback from our workshop evaluation sheets indicates an overwhelming number of satisfied participants.

leading edge seminars
  • All of our workshops and seminars are highly relevant and on the “leading edge” of professional mental health practice.
  • Our speakers are experts in their field and have established reputations as stimulating and engaging presenters.
  • Our training is always practical and skill-focused.
  • Most of our workshops and seminars are one or two days in duration and provide you with skills that you can readily apply when you return to work.

Leading Edge Seminars has also taken a prominent role in helping to organize “Conversation Cafés” in Ontario.

We welcome your feedback

Any feedback and concerns you would like to share can be sent to us via email to info(at)leadingedgeseminars(dot)org or by phone to 416-964-1133.

We also send evaluations via email to every webinar participant. These evaluations are optional, but we encourage you to let us know how we are doing.

Our team

Michael Kerman

Michael Kerman started Leading Edge Seminars in 1993. He’s always been curious about the latest developments in the world of helping people change. After receiving his MSW from the University of Toronto in 1976, he began working as a counsellor for teenagers and families at an adolescent mental health program. He ended up staying there for 18 years and eventually became the Executive Director. Currently, Michael misses his passions of Contra dancing and Irish Set Dancing currently on hold due to COVID-19. American-born, Michael loves Toronto and eats too much ice cream during warm weather.

Emily Porter

Emily Porter joined the Leading Edge team in 1994 in a variety of roles. She loves the daily challenges, variety, and educational experiences she gains through her work. Emily’s formal education is in teaching, and she discovered many connections between teaching children and young adults and the seminars that Leading Edge provides. When Emily isn’t working, she enjoys spending her time with her husband and four children. Email Emily here

Kim Koyama

Kim Koyama studied Linguistics and has worked through careers as a Grade 1 teacher and Computer Technician before landing at Leading Edge Seminars in 2004. When registrations are running smoothly, Kim splits his time between posting cat photos on social media and campaigning for a better world.

Sharon Reilly

Sharon Reilly is a seasoned Administrative Manager with experience spanning more than 20 years. She has worked for a range of companies across Europe and North America specializing in areas such as finance, business management, education, and health care. Sharon has managed a range of responsibilities in her career, including recruitment, administration, team management and executive team support. Outside of work, Sharon enjoys yoga, cooking, and snuggling with her dog Bodhi.

Rae-Anne Jammer is the newest member of the Leading Edge team. She brings a breadth of comprehensive experience in traditional and digital marketing from a longstanding career working in many industries (including health and wellness) in both the B2B and B2C sectors. When Rae-Anne isn’t testing the limits of the latest marketing trends or strategies, you can find her behind a camera shooting all manner of wildlife alongside her artist husband… or in the kitchen baking bread and cookies! Email Rae-Anne here