2-hr On-Demand Webinars


Reconstructing Meaning in the Aftermath of Collective Trauma

Understand how individual and collective trauma differentiate and the impacts of collective trauma on population groups.

Love In Lockdown: Relational Skills to Get You Through the Pandemic with Terry Real

Terry Real discusses the relational skills to help your clients in relationship show up for each other and their families as their best selves in the midst of COVID-19 measures.

Trauma and the Resilience Paradox: The Crucial Role of Adaptive Flexibility

Explore trauma and resilience and how adaptive flexibility is essential for supporting your clients and bringing about the best outcomes.

Online Help for Anxious Clients: Using Face and Voice to Create Calm

Dr. Margaret Wehrenberg discusses the best available anxiety management tools in our online connections to help anxious clients cope with trying times.

Temple Grandin: Practical Tips for Helping Children and Young People on the Spectrum During the Pandemic

During this 2 hour webinar, Temple Grandin will discuss ways to support children and young people on the spectrum during the pandemic.

Shaping the Strength of Secure Connection: Emotionally Focused Therapy for Individuals (EFIT) in Action

Dr. Sue Johnson provides an overview of the practice of Emotionally Focused Therapy for Individuals for working with trauma survivors.

Tips, Tricks and Techniques for Online Therapy with Children

This is an On-Demand Webinar. You will have access to this webinar shortly after you complete registration

Helping Children and Young People with Autism During Uncertain Times with Temple Grandin

Join neurodiversity advocate Temple Grandin in this dynamic forum to explore and discuss insights supporting children and young people with autism during pandemic times.

Evidence-Based PTSD Treatments and Resilience Training for Civilian Trauma Survivors

Learn with Ulrich Schnyder about the available empirically supported psychotherapies for PTSD