2-hr On-Demand Webinars

Creating Connection from A Distance

Janina Fisher offers helpful tips on creating connection in online psychotherapy so that you feel personal and connected and decreasing technophobia.

Trauma of Human Agency and Intergenerational Consequences

Clara Mucci discusses how resilience can be reinforced and structured to create stronger individuals and societies. Hyperarousal, or excess stress, and the impact on the immune system, will also be explored.

The Wounded Healer with Dr. Omar Reda

Healers and caregivers can experience trauma, neglect of needs, compassion fatigue, and burnout. Learn tools to combat this silent killer.

Trauma and the Collective Body: Embodiment and the Healing Journey

Learn an integrative, mind-body approach to working with collective trauma and the body and intergenerational wounds with Dr. Arielle Schwartz.

Healing Collective Trauma: A Culturally-Informed Psychodynamic Approach

Understand the impact of collective trauma from a culturally-informed psychodynamic approach when working with immigrants and refugees.

Incorporating IFS Therapy Into Your Practice with Frank Anderson

Frank Anderson explores how IFS Therapy can help therapists separate from their own activation and still be present for their clients.

Soulfulness As an Embodied and Experiential Approach to Racial-Cultural Trauma

Learn the soulfulness approach to racial-cultural trauma that focuses on contact with our interconnected and embodied inner aliveness.

Addressing Collective Trauma and Moral Injury Within the Clinic and the Community

Learn useful, clinical and community-engaged approaches to collective trauma based on a resilience framework with Jack Saul.

Private Practice Opportunities: Building Your Business in Good Times & Bad

Lynn Grodzki shares private practice opportunities, strategies and tips to help you grow your business in good times and bad, including a 4-step crisis-proofing process to help you stay grounded, minimize risk, retain control, and enhance prospects.