3-hr On Demand Webinars

Discordant Sexual Desires: Integrating Insights & Interventions from Sex Therapy into Clinical Practice with Couples

Sex therapist and author Kathryn Hall introduces concepts and skills involved in assessing and addressing differences in sexual desires in couples.

Social Anxiety: Effective Treatments and Emerging Approaches

Social anxiety (SAD) is one of the most prevalent anxiety disorders. Join Martin Antony to learn about what causes it and explore established and emerging treatments for managing it.

Sleep Problems in a Pandemic Context: Helping Clients Manage Now and for Life After Restrictions Are Lifted

Join Colleen Carney and learn about how and why the pandemic is affecting sleep and how you can help clients adapt and even thrive, with evidence-based sleep medicine techniques.

Working with LGBTQIA+ Clients through the Lens of IFS

Frank Anderson explores how IFS can help you engage ANY client in spite of differences and biases due to personal gender, sexual orientations and perceptions

Rethinking Anxiety in Light of the Pandemic with Marwa Azab

A new type of treatment-resistant anxiety is emerging from the pandemic. Are you ready to support your clients? Join Marwa Azab and find out how to recognize and treat the new face of anxiety.

Using the Havening Techniques to Remove Therapeutic Roadblocks

Join clinical psychologist and neuroscientist Kate Truitt and learn how to help resolve sticky beliefs or acute events that paralyze your clients.

Using IFS for Disordered Eating

Join Jeanne Catanzaro as she explores the use of Internal Family Systems (IFS) when working with eating disorders.

Sexual Betrayals: Integrating Insights and Interventions from Sex Therapy into Clinical Practice

Therapists must now have the skills and confidence to address sexual issues in the course of ongoing therapy with trauma survivors and their partners. We will be examining the experience and treatment of sexual difficulties across a broad range of couples from diverse backgrounds, orientations and s...

Helping Children & Teens with ADHD

Join ADHD expert Russell Barkley in a “deep dive” into the advances in understanding ADHD and the implications of current developments on the diagnosis and management of ADHD in children and teens in this 3-hour Webinar