3-hr On-Demand Webinars

Gaining Proficiency in Addressing Protective Parts

Join Internal Family Systems expert Frank Anderson and learn how to more skillfully help trauma survivors integrate the positive intentions that underlie their protective parts.

Blending Western Practices with Traditional Aboriginal Approaches to Healing

Elder Little Brown Bear revisits work with trauma, addictions, loneliness, depression, building healthy relationships, and anxiety through Aboriginal teachings and healing practices in a clinical and non-clinical setting.

Mindful Presence in the Context of Race and Gender: Challenges and Opportunities

Mindfulness author Caroline Welch and SOUL-Centred Practice developer Shelly Harrell explore challenges related to gender and race in the context of therapy, healing and transformative change.

Cultivating Intimate Connection: Helping Clients Find Refuge in Changing Times

Intimacy and human connection are even more important in changing times. Help clients cope by showing them how to cultivate personal connections.

Creative Interventions for Working with Hard to Engage Children

Child therapist expert and best-selling author Liana Lowenstein explores Creative Interventions designed to help you build rapport with younger hard to engage clients.

Psilocybin in End-of-Life Care: New Perspectives on Anxiety and Depression

Join Dr. Bossis and Ronald Siegel as they review learnings from Dr. Bossis’ research on the effects of psilocybin found in a specific species of mushrooms.  Learn about a landmark clinical trial that demonstrated a significant reduction in depression and anxiety from a single psilocybin-generated my...

Resolving the Root Causes of Parental Triggers with Internal Family Systems

In this webinar, you will explore both attachment and parenting styles and learn IFS interventions that really work to help heal underlying parental triggers.

Finding Meaning in Loss: The Sixth Stage of Grief

Grief stages are often misunderstood, and many clinicians aren’t trained to help clients through it and find meaning in it. Learn how to guide people through loss with David Kessler.

CBT For Insomnia: Fundamentals in An Online Environment

How do you treat sleep difficulties remotely? Colleen Carney will guide you step-by-step on how to deliver CBT for Insomnia via online counselling.