6-hr On-Demand Webinars

Mental Health Book Writing and Publishing in Stereo: Perspectives from a Successful Author and Top-Tier Publisher

Have you always wanted to write? Join us as a successful author and publisher team up to present strategies for how to write a book on mental health and get published.

Superhero Therapy: An Evidence-based Approach for Anxiety, Depression and PTSD

Support your clients with PTSD, anxiety and depression with this revolutionary, evidence-based approach for kids, teens and adults called Superhero Therapy.

Anxiety + Depression: Recognizing & Treating Common Co-Occurring Conditions

Anxiety and depression often appear at the same time, making them hard to treat. Learn the seven ways they can present and how to treat them.

Effective Treatment Strategies for People with PTSD & Insomnia with Colleen Carney

Sleep is etiologically important in trauma, as it predicts whether those exposed to a trauma progress to a PTSD diagnosis. Join Colleen Carney as she explores effective treatment strategies for Insomnia and PTSD in this 6-hour webinar.

Providing Virtual EMDR – Revised 6-Hour Training

This virtual EMDR training webinar with Roy Kiessling explores how to adapt EMDR treatments, concepts and protocols to an online environment.

Attachment Disruption, Unresolved Childhood Memories & Self-Disturbance: An Evolving Approach to Complex Trauma

This workshop with John Briere outlines principles of trigger management and offers mindfulness approaches to distress reduction behaviours.

Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy: Applying Attachment Theory in Clinical Settings

Based on Sue Johnson’s most recent book, Attachment Theory in Practice, this workshop explores how your clients’ need for connection with others shapes their neural architecture and consequently their everyday emotional lives and vulnerabilities, and significant interpersonal dramas.

Disrupting Rumination: Changing the Thoughts that Underlie Anxiety and Depression

Margaret Wehrenberg blends neuroscience with CBT to help your clients release the thought patterns that keep them stuck in depression and anxiety.

The New Social Anxiety: Mental Health and Social Balance in the Age of Social Media and the Internet

CBT clinician Margaret Wehrenberg addresses the neurobiological impact of the online environment and provides strategies to offset related anxiety, addiction and stress.