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It’s The Law: What You Need to Know About Consent, Negligence, Confidentiality and More

Robert Solomon will provide you with a thorough understanding of how the law applies to mental health practitioners and clinical settings.

Essential Tools From a Trauma Expert: Managing Secondary Trauma, Moral Distress and Empathic Strain During Times of Stress and Uncertainty

This webinar explores the concept of exquisite empathy and provides evidence-informed tools to help professionals rapidly return to a healthy baseline during times of crisis.

Foundations of Internal Family Systems

Internal Family Systems (IFS) is one of the most effective evidence-based treatment techniques in use today. Learn how to identify and work with your patient’s parts. This webinar will show you the technique in action! Join Frank Anderson in this 8-hour introductory course to IFS.

Discovering the Extraordinary Gift of Being Ordinary: The Surprising Path to Overcoming Self-Doubt, Shame and Inadequacy

This experiential, interactive webinar explores ways we can free ourselves (and our clients) from feelings of self-doubt, inadequacy, and self sabotage.

The Wounded Healer with Dr. Omar Reda

Healers and caregivers can experience trauma, neglect of needs, compassion fatigue, and burnout. Learn tools to combat this silent killer.

Helping Clients Who Use Cannabis During COVID-19

This is an On-Demand Webinar. You will have access to view this after your registration is complete. 

Microaggressions in Clinical Settings: Learning to Engage Diverse Clients and Improve Treatment Outcomes

Monnica Williams and Matthew Skinta will help you explore overt and covert microaggressions in the context of mainstream therapy and clinical settings.

Finding Meaning in Loss: The Sixth Stage of Grief

Grief stages are often misunderstood, and many clinicians aren’t trained to help clients through it and find meaning in it. Learn how to guide people through loss with David Kessler.

Identifying, Treating and Understanding Highly Sensitive People: The 20% with a Finely Tuned Nervous System

Join Alane Freund and learn how to adapt and optimize therapy for those clients who have a finely tuned nervous system.