Disrupting Rumination: Changing the Thoughts that Underlie Anxiety and Depression

Margaret Wehrenberg blends neuroscience with CBT to help your clients release the thought patterns that keep them stuck in depression and anxiety.

The New Social Anxiety: Mental Health and Social Balance in the Age of Social Media and the Internet

CBT clinician Margaret Wehrenberg addresses the neurobiological impact of the online environment and provides strategies to offset related anxiety, addiction and stress.

Pandemic Anxiety: How the World Has Changed Anxiety and What to Do About It

Dr. Margaret Wehrenberg presents strategies for coping with pandemic anxiety in traumatic times to help anxious clients suffer less panic, increase their stress resilience, and block health anxiety and worry.

Healing and Easing Depression: Using the Change Triangle and the Transformational Power of Core Emotions

Hilary Jacobs Hendel teaches about healing and easing depression by using the Change Triangle and the transformational power of core emotions.

New Hope for Treatment-Resistant Depression

The very nature of major depression often defeats our best therapies. How can clients change when they have no hope, interest or energy? Learn how Sensorimotor Psychotherapy provides a fresh perspective with Janina Fisher.

Social Anxiety: Effective Treatments and Emerging Approaches

Social anxiety (SAD) is one of the most prevalent anxiety disorders. Join Martin Antony to learn about what causes it and explore established and emerging treatments for managing it.

Anxiety + Depression: Recognizing & Treating Common Co-Occurring Conditions

Anxiety and depression often appear at the same time, making them hard to treat. Learn the seven ways they can present and how to treat them.

Rethinking Anxiety in Light of the Pandemic with Marwa Azab

A new type of treatment-resistant anxiety is emerging from the pandemic. Are you ready to support your clients? Join Marwa Azab and find out how to recognize and treat the new face of anxiety.

Online Help for Anxious Clients: Using Face and Voice to Create Calm

Dr. Margaret Wehrenberg discusses the best available anxiety management tools in our online connections to help anxious clients cope with trying times.