CBT For Insomnia: Fundamentals in An Online Environment

How do you treat sleep difficulties remotely? Colleen Carney will guide you step-by-step on how to deliver CBT for Insomnia via online counselling.

Sleep Problems in a Pandemic Context: Helping Clients Manage Now and for Life After Restrictions Are Lifted

Join Colleen Carney and learn about how and why the pandemic is affecting sleep and how you can help clients adapt and even thrive, with evidence-based sleep medicine techniques.

Integrating Evidence-Based Insomnia Treatment into Your Practice with Clients with Depression, Anxiety and/or Chronic Pain

Colleen Carney, leader in the field of CBT-I (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for insomnia) Will discuss the latest practices and research proven ideas for helping clients now.

Essentials of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Insomnia

CBT-I has a profound effect on chronic insomnia. In fact, research has shown it works better than drugs and other therapies. Join Colleen Carney for this 6-hour webinar designed for non-sleep specialists who want to customize and adapt CBT-I to their practice.

Coping With Cancer: DBT Skills To Balance Uncertainty with Hope with Elizabeth Cohn Stuntz & Ronda Reitz

How do we manage life with cancer and cope even in the darkest days? Join psychotherapist Elizabeth Cohn Stuntz as she explores Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) skills you can teach clients to help them regulate their emotions and regain a sense of control.

Effective Treatment Strategies for People with PTSD & Insomnia with Colleen Carney

Sleep is etiologically important in trauma, as it predicts whether those exposed to a trauma progress to a PTSD diagnosis. Join Colleen Carney as she explores effective treatment strategies for Insomnia and PTSD in this 6-hour webinar.