Couples & Sex

Dealing with Sexual Issues: What Every Therapist Needs to Know and Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Ask

Sexual intimacy is a topic that many therapists find difficult to address during therapy. Learn how to navigate conversations with understanding and confidence.

Cultivating Intimate Connection: Helping Clients Find Refuge in Changing Times

Intimacy and human connection are even more important in changing times. Help clients cope by showing them how to cultivate personal connections.

Love In Lockdown: Relational Skills to Get You Through the Pandemic with Terry Real

Terry Real discusses the relational skills to help your clients in relationship show up for each other and their families as their best selves in the midst of COVID-19 measures.

Discordant Sexual Desires: Integrating Insights & Interventions from Sex Therapy into Clinical Practice with Couples

Sex therapist and author Kathryn Hall introduces concepts and skills involved in assessing and addressing differences in sexual desires in couples.

Sexual Betrayals: Integrating Insights and Interventions from Sex Therapy into Clinical Practice

Therapists must now have the skills and confidence to address sexual issues in the course of ongoing therapy with trauma survivors and their partners. We will be examining the experience and treatment of sexual difficulties across a broad range of couples from diverse backgrounds, orientations and s...

How Mindfulness Can Enhance Our Well-Being and Be Applied to Couples Therapy

Authors Caroline Welch and Ellyn Bader explore ways to introduce a mindful cultivation of resilience into couples therapy.

Transforming Sexual Narratives: Integrating Sex Therapy into Couple Therapy

Sex therapy can help clients identify and rewrite negative sexual thoughts to reclaim intimacy, enjoyment and satisfaction. Learn how.

Working With Sex, Gender, And Relationship Diverse Clients

LBGTQ+ clients can require a different approach. Learn how to interact and counsel respectfully, how to find resources and how to know when to involve someone with more expertise.

Sexual Fantasies: Understanding Their Meaning in Psychotherapy

Sexual fantasies enable us to move past our inhibitions to safely experience sexual arousal. But what do our fantasies reveal about our core beliefs?