Intimacy from the Inside Out®: Integrating the Interpersonal and the Intrapsychic in Couples Therapy Using the Internal Family Systems Model

Join psychotherapist and Lead Trainer at The IFS Institute Toni Herbine-Blank as she demonstrates how to use Intimacy from the Inside Out© (IFIO) for couples to help them make sense of their life experience in a safe and collaborative way.

Clinical Applications of Internal Family Systems (IFS) Workshop

Learn Internal Family Systems step-by-step with leading trainer Frank Anderson and watch your therapy outcomes improve.

Incorporating IFS Therapy Into Your Practice with Frank Anderson

Frank Anderson explores how IFS Therapy can help therapists separate from their own activation and still be present for their clients.

Healing Trauma with Internal Family Systems

This webinar offers a deep dive into the subtleties and nuances of how to carefully and effectively unpack the positive and protective intentions that underlie even the most extreme behaviours and parts that trauma survivors typically bear.

Gaining Proficiency in Addressing Protective Parts

Join Internal Family Systems expert Frank Anderson and learn how to more skillfully help trauma survivors integrate the positive intentions that underlie their protective parts.

Resolving the Root Causes of Parental Triggers with Internal Family Systems

In this webinar, you will explore both attachment and parenting styles and learn IFS interventions that really work to help heal underlying parental triggers.

Addressing Shame & Substance Use with Internal Family Systems

Frank Anderson shows you how to uncover the underlying fears and protective functions of shame and substance use through Internal Family Systems

Accessing The Higher Self in IFS Work

Frank Anderson explores the intersection between spirituality and Internal Family Systems work.

Working With LGBTQIA+ Clients Through the Lens of IFS

Frank Anderson explores how IFS can help you engage ANY client in spite of differences and biases due to personal gender, sexual orientations and perceptions