Practice Updates

Microaggressions in Clinical Settings: Learning to Engage Diverse Clients and Improve Treatment Outcomes

Monnica Williams and Matthew Skinta will help you explore overt and covert microaggressions in the context of mainstream therapy and clinical settings.

Rules of Estrangement: Helping Clients and Families in Conflict

Joshua Coleman explores common reasons for parental estrangement, the best interventions (and frequent mistakes made) when working with this population based on research and the presenter’s clinical specialization in the field will be discussed.

Solution-Focused Brief Therapy — Revisited and Recharged

What happens when you focus on your client’s desired outcomes instead of their problems? This 2-part webinar will show you how asking the right questions can be another viable pathway to healing.

Therapy on the Move: Adding Walk and Talk Therapy to Your Tool Kit

Outdoor walk and talk therapy can be very powerful. How can you do this safely? Join Jennifer Udler and learn how to engage clients while respecting confidentiality in this new approach.

What Therapists Need to Know About Psychopharmacology During COVID

The COVID pandemic has seen a steep rise in the use of psychotropic medicines. This 3-hour webinar with Kenneth Carter will provide practical information about antidepressants, anti-anxiety medications, and medication for insomnia to help therapists understand medication consequences and realities.

Finding Meaning in Loss: The Sixth Stage of Grief

Grief stages are often misunderstood, and many clinicians aren’t trained to help clients through it and find meaning in it. Learn how to guide people through loss with David Kessler.

Mental Health Book Writing and Publishing in Stereo: Perspectives from a Successful Author and Top-Tier Publisher

Have you always wanted to write? Join us as a successful author and publisher team up to present strategies for how to write a book on mental health and get published.

Superhero Therapy: An Evidence-based Approach for Anxiety, Depression and PTSD

Support your clients with PTSD, anxiety and depression with this revolutionary, evidence-based approach for kids, teens and adults called Superhero Therapy.

Moving Online: What Therapists Need to Know About Shifting to Online Counselling

Lawrence Murphy helps you translate your in-person therapy practice to moving online with virtual counselling, including choosing the best platform.