EMDR Trainings 2023

Add EMDR Therapy to your clinical practice!

Roy Kiessling's 'next-generation' EMDR training will show you how!

“Integrating EMDR Into Your Clinical Practice: 5-Day Intensive”

Roy Kiessling’s “next-generation” EMDR training is renowned for its flexibility and for providing clinical pearls of wisdom that will allow you to effectively integrate EMDR into your practice immediately.

With an emphasis on attunement, attachment, and clinical judgement, this EMDRIA-approved 5-day intensive seminar will provide you with the essentials for implementing EMDR into your clinical practice, including an overview on how to customize treatments for children, recent events, couples, grief, pain, phobias, addictions, and dissociation.

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EMDR trainings

June 20-24, 2023

with Roy Kiessling

Roy Kiessling

September 11-15, 2023

with Esta Porter

Esta Porter

September 18-22, 2023

with Roy Kiessling

Roy Kiessling

Described as an “indispensable modality of treatment” by Bessel van der Kolk, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) offers your clients a way to safely process traumatic experiences.

Drawing a sharp distinction from research-oriented approaches to EMDR training, this 5-day intensive focuses on the interpersonal aspects of EMDR work. You will undergo a multimedia learning experience designed to optimize skill acquisition. Through lecture, videos, and practice opportunities, you will first listen, then observe, and then implement new concepts and skills.

This EMDR Training updates the original procedures developed by Francine Shapiro in 1995 by expanding treatment planning, preparation and processing interventions. Supplemented with over 43 videos, downloadable training materials and free access to a community-wide listserv, it also provides support before, during and after the course, so that you will be confident every step of the way as you implement EMDR in your clinical practice.

Along with the 40-hours of in-person lecture/practicum in this training, you will also receive 10 hours of private post-training consultation*.

*10-hours of private post-training consultation is included in the Regular Rate and Student Rate, but is optional and available at an additional charge with the Refresher Rate.