Sleep Problems in the Pandemic Context: Helping Clients Manage Now and for Life After Restrictions Are Lifted

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People are describing a wide range of sleep experiences during the pandemic, including new or worsening insomnia, vivid dreams and sleepiness in our essential and healthcare workers, and sometimes even sleep improvements. How do we help people? How do we help remotely? How do we prepare for life after restrictions are lifted?

Spend the afternoon learning about how and why the pandemic is affecting sleep and how you can help clients adapt and even thrive in this environment, with evidence-based sleep medicine techniques.

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You will learn to —

  • Identify/assess for sleep problems during the pandemic
  • Discern between problems of sleepiness versus problems of sleeplessness
  • Provide treatment advice to essential and health care workers on the frontlines of the pandemic
  • Provide tailored sleep advice to those self-isolating at home
  • Help clients proactively plan for how the lifting of Covid-19 restrictions may impact sleep