Creating Connection from A Distance

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In this 2-hour on-demand webinar, Janina addresses the challenges for both therapists and clients alike in embracing virtual therapy. In the current climate of fear and isolation that equally affects us all, both therapist and client are often struggling with the disconnected experience of online therapy. Without the relational contact that is the heart and soul of psychotherapy, virtual sessions can feel distant and impersonal.  But Janina maintains: “telehealth” does not HAVE to feel distant!

You will learn how to overcome the limitations of online technology to make virtual sessions a warm and relational experience. You will gain insight into how even body-based modalities like Sensorimotor Technique and EMDR can be effectively practiced online.

This webinar offers:

· Practical tips for making online psychotherapy feel personal and connected
· Interactive neurobiological regulation strategies: using our nervous systems to regulate the client’s nervous system
· Resources for helping clients tolerate fear and loneliness

You will learn—

• The challenges for clients and therapists of virtual psychotherapy and how to overcome them
• 3 helpful ways to decrease technophobia
• Effective interventions for regulating autonomic dysregulation
• Techniques that increase tolerance for fear and stress
• About the ‘social engagement system’ and how to leverage it for virtual therapy sessions