Deepening Your Clinical Supervision Skills: 18-Hour Webinar

This On-Demand Webinar is for 18 hours* and talks about Clinical Supervision skills. Registrants will be given unlimited access to the recording for a full year
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18 Hours: CAD$569 / USD$455
30 Hour training: CAD$849 / USD$679

*This 12 hour training + 18 hour session = 30 hour program. To learn more about the 12 hour training, click here

So you know how to set up an informed consent contract and comfortably negotiate liability issues and the code of ethics in clinical supervision, but how do you move from being a good, competent supervisor to one who is great? This 18-hour webinar will hone your capacity to provide attuned and present guidance as a clinical supervisor in a way that facilitates self-learning and personal growth for both you and your supervisee.

Each module will focus on one topic and will include some case presentation, independent journaling, and the practice of tools that you can use later with your own supervisees. The curriculum is as follows:

  1. Compassion Fatigue as a Clinical Supervisor
  2. Interventions for Compassion Fatigue for your Supervisee
  3. Cultural Considerations in the Supervisory Context
  4. Helping your Supervisees Bridge Cultural Differences with Their Clients
  5. Strategies for Supervising Rookie Supervisees
  6. Ethical Concerns for Clinical Supervisors

This training is suitable for supervisors wishing to further develop their understanding of the supervisor-supervisee dynamic as well as those looking for more hours to fulfill the CRPO requirement of 30 hours of directed learning for clinical supervision skills.

Clinical Pearls with Lois Ehrmann

What is Clinical Supervision?

Going from Clinical Therapist to Clinical Supervisor

How to handle Clinical Impairment

How to address burnout

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    By the completion of this module you will learn:
    1-4pm EST

    Assessment tools in the identification of at least four symptoms of Compassion Fatigue. The functions of stress and at least six ways stress impacts the emotional, mental and physical body of the human being.

    By the completion of this module you will learn:

    How to utilize at least four appropriate tools and strategies in the evaluation of Compassion Fatigue symptoms in your supervisees. At least seven self-care strategies to prevent and recover from compassion fatigue that you can use with your supervisees.

    By the completion of this module you will learn:

    How to envision a wider range of awareness in regard to whole groups, whole populations and unique differences in individuals and how to transfer that awareness to your supervisees. At least three ways in which the supervision relationship is impacted by supervisor/supervisee differences in sexual identity, gender, family background, and other areas of diversity. Have used a method of reviewing for greater knowledge about the background of a supervisee that is different than their own

    By the completion of this module you will learn:

    A method for identifying and discussing for greater quality in the supervisory alliance the unique differences between a clinical supervisor and his or her supervisees. At least three exercises that clinical supervisors can use with supervisees to assist them in gaining greater clarity about cultural considerations.