Integrating EMDR into Your Clinical Practice: Five-Day Intensive in Vancouver

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Monday, September 21 –
Friday, September 25, 2020

8:00 am to 5:30 pm
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Hear what Bessel van der Kolk has to say about EMDR

Described as an “indispensable modality of treatment” by Bessel van der Kolk, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) offers your clients a way to safely process traumatic experiences.

EMDR has evolved. Originally designed as a single incident PTSD intervention, EMDR principles and protocols have undergone 3 generations of change to become a sophisticated and versatile form of interpersonal psychotherapy that can be applied across the lifespan of your clients.

This 5-day intensive Basic EMDR training falls into the category of “next generation EMDR training.”  Moving away from the earlier focus on research to the interpersonal aspects of how to implement EMDR in clinical settings, this training offers support and consultation throughout the 40-hour in-class portion as well as after the training so that you can integrate EMDR seamlessly into your practice.

Mentored and trained by EMDR training developer Roy Kiessling, Esta Porter is a senior EMDR trainer who has worked alongside Roy for many years.


“Esta is very knowledgeable, not just about the many applications of the AIP model, but also she has a deep knowledge of other psychotherapeutic approaches, and how these can be integrated very well into EMDR therapy, while still maintaining the clear integrity of EMDR therapeutic procedures. She has an intrinsic warmth and an engaging personal style. …. I’m sure that participants in an EMDR training will very much enjoy and benefit from their educational experience, not just from the information they will acquire, through lecture and practicum, but also from being able to directly observe Esta as a very positive role model of a skilled EMDR therapist.

“Esta is an EMDR Master. Her depth and breadth of knowledge is second to none, and she excels at passing that wisdom on to clinicians in a straightforward and refreshing way.”

“I have nothing but positive things to say about Esta! She is knowledgeable, a great teacher, warm, and compassionate. She is patient, person centered, and I have learned a tremendous amount from her …. I value her professionalism and expertise and I know anyone receiving training from her would benefit greatly.”

Esta’s approach to EMDR cultivates attunement, awareness of attachment patterns and clinical judgement. This EMDRIA-approved five-day intensive will provide the essentials for implementing EMDR, including an overview on how to customize treatments for children, recent events, couples, grief, pain, phobias, addictions and dissociation.

You will undergo a multimedia learning experience designed to optimize skill acquisition.  Through lecture, videos, and practice opportunities, you will first listen, then observe and then implement new concepts and skills.

This training updates the original procedures developed by Francine Shapiro in 1995 by expanding treatment planning, preparation and processing interventions.  Supplemented with over 43 videos, downloadable training materials and free access to a community-wide listserv, it also provides support before, during and after the course, so that you will be confident every step of the way as you implement EMDR in your clinical practice.


  • Along with the 40 hours lecture/practicum portion of the training provided during your week with Esta, you will also receive 10 hours of consultation after the training with approved consultants via small-group phone/online video conferencing, to help you integrate and fine-tune your understanding and skills
  • Advanced instructional materials upon registration including a pdf of the manual and links to videos to help prepare you for the workshop

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You will learn —

  • The foundational EMDR concepts and procedures (the Adaptive Information Processing approach, the 8 phases and 3 prongs of standard EMDR treatment)
  • 13 interventions to help prepare your clients for EMDR (through grounding, stabilization and behavioural change)
  • Strategies to prepare your client for processing
  • 7 treatment planning approaches
  • How to customize the pace of treatment through deploying the Processing Continuum
  • About interventions to facilitate safe, effective and efficient processing
  • How to work with children
  • How to treat acute stress:  CIIC (Critical Incident Intervention Continuum)


EarlyBird Deadlines for Toronto and Vancouver: August 21, 2020

Rate for regular workshop participants before EarlyBird: $2,500*

Rate for refresher course participants: $1,500 (note: 10-hours post-training consultation sessions are NOT included in refresher course rate. If you would like to participate in the 10-hours consultation sessions, please add $335)*

Rate for Students (contact for eligibility and required documentation): $1,500 plus $100 for 10 hours consultation*

*After EarlyBird deadline, add $100 to all fees.

Payment by monthly installments is available at no extra charge. Please email to set this up.

Our standard schedule before the EarlyBird deadline is as follows:

Upon registration: $1,000 + (12% sales tax) = $1,120.00

2nd payment (on the 1s of the month following the deposit) $750 + sales tax = $840.00

3rd payment (on the 1st of the month following the 2nd payment): $840.00

(Note: if the above schedule does not work, we are also happy to accommodate smaller payments across a longer period of time as long as the full amount is cleared by the end of 2020)


To apply for registration, download THIS FORM (it will start downloading when you click), complete and email it to


In order to take part in this training, all participants must have —

  1. Academic credentials: either a completed master’s degree or higher in an established mental health discipline or proof of current enrollment in a post-graduate program leading to a master’s degree or higher in an established mental health discipline
  2. Membership in a College or professional regulatory body that oversees practice of psychotherapy. Click here to download a list of designations and regulatory bodies recognized by EMDR Canada.
  3. Professional liability insurance


Have you previously taken an EMDR training but would like a refresher course to boost your skills and confidence?

A limited number of spaces are available for participants who have completed previous EMDR training and need a refresher course. The refresher fee will be $1,500 before the EarlyBird deadline and $1,600 after. The Refresher Fee rate includes advance training materials and 40 hours of lecture/practicum but does not include the 10 hours of consultation. If you would like to receive 10 hours of consultation to support your EMDR practice after the training, there is an additional fee of $375.

To apply for an EMDR refresher place in Roy’s training, please send a scan of proof of completion of previous EMDR training to

The theory of how EMDR works

August 2018 participants' review

Esta Porter - EMDR Trainer

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    September 21, 2020 8:00 am
    September 25, 2020 6:00 pm