CBT For Insomnia: Fundamentals in An Online Environment

This On-Demand Webinar is for 3 hours and talks about CBT for Insomnia.
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As we acclimatize to life in the middle of a pandemic, are your clients encountering more sleep problems? Are you wondering how to provide CBT for Insomnia remotely through online counselling? Colleen Carney’s research in the field of CBT for Insomnia has made this modality one of the most accessible and effective interventions for insomnia available. She will give you a step-by-step approach to helping your clients get a better night’s sleep.

CBT is a brief, highly effective treatment that is easily implemented using telehealth delivery. Learn about assessment, free apps for sleep tracking, and a session-by-session how-to cover the main components of CBT-I. This webinar will use didactic learning, demonstration, breakout room practice, and sleep diary exercises. Dr. Carney is a leading expert in CBT-I and an energetic speaker with over 20 years of experience in training.

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You will learn —

  • How to conduct a remote assessment of insomnia.
  • About the three causes of chronic insomnia.
  • How to match the main components of CBT-I to the three causes of insomnia.
  • How to deliver the treatment rationale interactively with clients.
  • How to develop a new sleeping schedule with clients collaboratively, and assess the results.
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