Keeping Your Soul Alive: Personal and Professional Renewal

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“I get up every morning determined both to change the world and have one hell of a good time. Sometimes, this makes planning the day difficult.”      –E.B. White

Spring is here… and so is the pandemic—still. It is becoming clear that the emergence of COVID-19 and its ilk will forever change life as we know it and we are still reeling in the aftermath of this new reality.

In this context, this 3-hour live webinar is designed to recharge your personal and professional batteries and put the fun and meaning back into your work. For years Bill O’Hanlon has inspired and empowered health professionals to find and develop their unique voices in their clinical work and to find hope and possibilities in seemingly hopeless situations.

Join Solutions-Oriented Therapy innovator Bill O’Hanlon in this 3-hour INTERACTIVE Live Webcast with opportunities to:

  • Ask Bill questions via video/online chat in real time
  • Mingle with fellow webinar participants during online chat/meeting rooms during the breaks
  • To come and go as you please without missing a thing as a recording of this webinar will be available to all participants for 3 months after the registration date.
  • This webinar draws on Bill’s hopeful, effective approach to therapy but goes beyond it to include an approach to one’s life and the universe that challenges discouragement and calls participants back from burnout to being fully alive and present in their lives and work.

Workshop participants have long remarked about the spiritual and personal impact his work has had on them. You are invited to participate, but there is a warning: This presentation may cause severe laughter, self-examination, peace and aliveness.

You will learn to —

  • Why people feel like they’re only half there and how to bring oneself more fully into one’s work
  • How to help your clients recharge their professional batteries
  • Follow your wound: Finding meaning from life’s injuries and disappointments
  • Learn how to recognize and harness the four energies to combat burnout and tell you what to do next in your life and career