Learning from the Knowledge Keepers: Traditional Indigenous Healing for Modern Times

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Led by Elder Little Brown Bear (Ernest Matton)

Friday, April 26, 2019: Day 1*
Saturday, April 27, 2019: Day 2*

9:00 am to 4:40 pm

What is to be learned about overcoming life‘s difficulties, problems and traumas from Indigenous wisdom? Plenty! Elder Little Brown Bear, a respected Métis teacher, helper and storyteller, uses core traditional Indigenous teachings blended with Western approaches to address how we can live well in today’s stressful world or what he calls minobimaadiziwin, living a good, healthy life. He says, “being Aboriginal is not a life style, it is a way of life”.

Passed down from oral teachings, generations of experiential learning and in response to both the challenges of living in harmony and balance with the environment and each other and the multi-generational impacts of cultural genocide and colonial oppression, these traditional healing practices, rituals and ceremonies are uniquely designed to address issues that include trauma, addictions, mental well-being, grief, conflict, unhealthy boundaries/relationships, anger and forgiveness.

Day 1 will provide a blending of Indigenous teachings with Western information to provide holistic healing approaches for Indigenous and non-Indigenous mental health professionals, helpers, family members, court/correctional services staff and educational workers.

You will learn many traditional approaches to healing, including the Seven Gifts of the Grandfather Teachings, a set of teachings on human conduct towards others and the significance of harmony and balance of the Medicine Wheel.

Day 2 will bring together non-Indigenous professionals and Indigenous community members. Through the Sacred Sharing Circle, participants will have the chance to both experience and practice Aboriginal healing rituals, education and cultural traditions. Participants will learn how we heal through listening to each other’s stories, the different types of circles, and the use of the Eagle Feather, Healing Stone or Talking Stick in a Sacred Circle, as well as the reasons why we “smudge” and what parts of our body we smudge. The Seven Healing Tools, the Five Sacred Medicines and Two Row Wampum Belt Teaching will also be explored.

Day 1 will give an overview to mental health professionals on four major aspects of the healing process. You will learn about —

  • The three C’s to building healthy relationships
  • Aspects of anger: stages, styles, healthy anger and blocks to releasing anger
  • Grieving and loss (seven stages and fourteen phases)
  • Forgiveness

Day 2 will offer deeper insight and more practice in healing rituals through participation in the Sacred Sharing Circle.

*Both days will be experiential. Professional attendees may register for Day 1 only or for both days. Members of Indigenous communities will be invited to Day 2.

Spaces for professional attendees on Day 2 are limited. Early registration is recommended.

3C's for Healthy Relationships

Traditional Indigenous Healing for a Multi-Cultural Clientele

Integrating Traditional Indigenous Healing Practices

Working with Anger

Elder Little Brown Bear (Ernest Matton)  
Day one will give an overview to mental health professionals on five major aspects of the healing process.
Day 2 will offer a deeper insight and more practice in healing practices through participation in the Sacred Sharing circle.

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April 26, 2019 9:00 am
April 27, 2019 4:40 pm