Love In Lockdown: Relational Skills to Get You Through the Pandemic with Terry Real

Led by Terry Real, PhD, LICSW

This On-Demand Webinar is for 2 hours and talks about Relational Skills to Get You Through the Pandemic.

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In this extraordinary time of enforced isolation and crisis, people throughout the globe have rarely been joined together with such genuine and emotional vulnerability.  At the same that we have been forced into seclusion, connection and intimacy have never felt more imperative. I don’t know about you but both in my personal life and in hearing from my clients, we seem to be reaching out for more virtual chats, virtual dinner parties, and check-ins, than ever before.  Those of us who are used to going off to the office every day find ourselves at home with more time and more, to be honest, family engagement than anyone has been used to.

Despite the obvious stress and terror, some of us are finding the potential for positive growth.  We have been relieved of the rat race and we are home with our partners and kids. This crisis has served as a great magnifier. The current situation brings into bold relief both strengths and points of weakness in our families, our marriages, our long-term relationships and in our own personalities. How can we in our own lives, and just as important, how can we as helping professionals rise to the occasion and equip our clients to do the same?

This workshop will focus on what you need to know as a clinician in order to most effectively help the people we’re counseling to handle extraordinary stress, fear, and perhaps even grief while being a partner and/or a parent in the midst of a pandemic. There is a relational technology, a set of skills that can be mastered enabling men and women to show up for one another and for our children as our best selves.

You Will Learn:

  • Help people manage differences in one another’s reactions to the crisis and their coping strategies
  • Be fully present for one’s partner and available to their feelings even though they may be difficult
  • Side step habitual patterns by tuning in more effectively to one’s own experience

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