Moving Online NOW: What Therapists Need To Know!

Led by Lawrence Murphy

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Until quite recently, knowing how to offer services online was optional. But in the rapidly changing world of a global pandemic the option has become a requirement. Your service has always been essential and in the coming months, it will become even more so.

Lawrence Murphy will help you translate your in-person therapy presence online. Whether you are new to these practises or want to be updated on the latest technology and perspectives, this is an opportunity to learn key skills so that your clients can continue receiving your support during this unprecedented time.

From providing you guidance on how to choose the best online platform for your needs to familiarizing yourself and managing aspects of online and virtual interaction that you may not have considered as a therapist, Lawrence will guide you step by step in this webinar.

Lawrence Murphy has been offering online counselling, training and software solutions since 1994. This webinar will provide you with a distillation of his learnings from the past 26 years.

Time was we talked about the future of the counselling profession. But the future is now.

You Will Learn:

  • The questions you need to ask to choose the best online platform for your practice
  • The advantages and challenges of instant messaging, video and email solutions
  • The core ethical issues in delivering online services
  • Practical considerations in online series delivery
  • Maintaining boundaries with online clients