What to Say to Kids When Nothing Seems to Work: A Workshop for Mental Health Professionals and Parents

The stress of the pandemic is adding to children's stress and distress. In this workshop, Adele LaFrance, author of "What to Say to Kids When Nothing Seems to Work", presents concrete tools for effectively navigating the twists, turns, and sometimes total chaos of life with kids.

Mental Illness or Adaptation? Helping Challenging Clients

Mental illness, or abnormal brain biology, is largely rooted in genetic inheritance. But can it be caused by adaptation to circumstance?

Evidence-Based PTSD Treatments and Resilience Training for Civilian Trauma Survivors

Learn with Ulrich Schnyder about the available empirically supported psychotherapies for PTSD

Online Help for Anxious Clients: Using Face and Voice to Create Calm

Dr. Margaret Wehrenberg discusses the best available anxiety management tools in our online connections to help anxious clients cope with trying times.

Healing Trauma with Internal Family Systems

This webinar offers a deep dive into the subtleties and nuances of how to carefully and effectively unpack the positive and protective intentions that underlie even the most extreme behaviours and parts that trauma survivors typically bear.

Attachment Disruption, Unresolved Childhood Memories & Self-Disturbance: An Evolving Approach to Complex Trauma

This workshop with John Briere outlines principles of trigger management and offers mindfulness approaches to distress reduction behaviours.

Healing Collective Trauma: A Culturally-Informed Psychodynamic Approach

Understand the impact of collective trauma from a culturally-informed psychodynamic approach when working with immigrants and refugees.

Love In Lockdown: Relational Skills to Get You Through the Pandemic with Terry Real

Terry Real discusses the relational skills to help your clients in relationship show up for each other and their families as their best selves in the midst of COVID-19 measures.

Interrupting the Vicious Cycle of Toxic Stories and Traumatic Activation

Explore how to apply mindfulness strategies to aid recovery from addictions and trauma with Valerie Mason-John