Superhero Therapy: An Evidence-based Approach for Anxiety, Depression and PTSD

Support your clients with PTSD, anxiety and depression with this revolutionary, evidence-based approach for kids, teens and adults called Superhero Therapy.

COVID and Mass Trauma: The Trauma and Reality

Understand the psychological effect of collective trauma to support clients with immediate and long-term psychological effects including the possibility of the activation of unprocessed transgenerational traumatic experiences, but also the potential for traumatic growth.

Using the Havening Techniques to Remove Therapeutic Roadblocks

Join clinical psychologist and neuroscientist Kate Truitt and learn how to help resolve sticky beliefs or acute events that paralyze your clients.

Integrating Evidence-Based Insomnia Treatment into Your Practice with Clients with Depression, Anxiety and/or Chronic Pain

Colleen Carney, leader in the field of CBT-I (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for insomnia) Will discuss the latest practices and research proven ideas for helping clients now.

Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy, Psychoanalysis & Indigenous Healing: Exploring Transformational Processes and Practices

Psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy in combination with meditation and indigenous healing practices is showing promise at helping to heal many conditions.

Expressive Therapy: Re-sensitizing the Traumatized Mind and Body to Resilience

Discover expressive therapy—an implicit, non-verbal, and action-oriented form of communication and recovery—that is emerging as an effective approach to addressing individual and collective trauma.

Creating Connection from A Distance

Janina Fisher offers helpful tips on creating connection in online psychotherapy so that you feel personal and connected and decreasing technophobia.

The New Social Anxiety: Mental Health and Social Balance in the Age of Social Media and the Internet

CBT clinician Margaret Wehrenberg addresses the neurobiological impact of the online environment and provides strategies to offset related anxiety, addiction and stress.

Therapy on the Move: Adding Walk and Talk Therapy to Your Tool Kit

Outdoor walk and talk therapy can be very powerful. How can you do this safely? Join Jennifer Udler and learn how to engage clients while respecting confidentiality in this new approach.