Early Psychological Intervention for Children Following Tragic Events

Dr. Janine Shelby teaches you how to prepare and respond to tragic events with your child clients and use appropriate protocols to prepare and respond to tragic events and support early intervention.

Clinical Applications of Internal Family Systems (IFS) Workshop

Learn Internal Family Systems step-by-step with leading trainer Frank Anderson and watch your therapy outcomes improve.

Advances in ADHD Diagnosis & Management + The OTHER Attention Disorder: Sluggish Cognitive Tempo

Join leading ADHD clinician and researcher Russell Barkley as he discusses advances in ADHD diagnosis and management for children vs adults as well as Sluggish Cognitive Tempo Disorder

Insights from Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy: Lessons from a Lifetime of Therapeutic Practice

In conversation with Ronald Siegel, Phil Wolfson will discuss insights from his career, Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy research findings, the transformative nature of therapy and the therapist-client relationship

Trauma and Polyvagal Theory

Stephen Porges provides an overview of how Polyvagal Theory provides a more informed understanding of the automatic reactions of our body to safety, danger, and life threat.

Providing Virtual EMDR – Revised 6-Hour Training

This 6 hour On-Demand Webinar will be available after you complete registration

Resolving the Root Causes of Parental Triggers with Internal Family Systems

In this webinar, you will explore both attachment and parenting styles and learn IFS interventions that really work to help heal underlying parental triggers.

Coping With Cancer: DBT Skills To Balance Uncertainty with Hope with Elizabeth Cohn Stuntz & Ronda Reitz

How do we manage life with cancer and cope even in the darkest days? Join psychotherapist Elizabeth Cohn Stuntz as she explores Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) skills you can teach clients to help them regulate their emotions and regain a sense of control.

Managing Depression in a Pandemic World

Join Margaret Wehrenberg as she address the challenges that face clients with depression in the context of social distancing, loss and the uncertainties surrounding the progression of COVID-19.