Providing Virtual EMDR – Revised 6-Hour Training

This On-Demand Webinar is for 6 hours and talks about virtual EMDR training.
Access information, resources, and CEU information will be sent to you shortly after registration and registrants will be given unlimited access to the recording for a full year.

As an EMDR therapist trained to implement EMDR as a face-to-face and body-based intervention, what do you now that social distancing measures are requiring all counselling to go virtual? What will you do with your existing clients and those you’ve never met before as they seek you out for EMDR?  This is a training designed for practicing EMDR therapists.

With his extensive clinical experience and innovative and updated EMDR approach, Roy Kiessling will provide valuable insights and tips that he will discuss through live demonstration.

This webinar looks at how to adapt core EMDR treatment interventions to a virtual environment. He will address the common concerns EMDR therapists have when implementing EMDR online such as client safety, how to manage the client’s window of tolerance as well as how to facilitate attunement. He will also share specific online adaptations of key EMDR concepts and protocols.

Roy is a lead EMDR trainer who worked with EMDR developer Francine Sharpiro before creating his own “next generation” approach to EMDR training which focuses on attunement and the interpersonal aspects of implementing EMDR.

He has received much praise for his North American and International EMDR training ratings from new and experienced EMDR practitioners.  Leading Edge Seminars received similar feedback when Roy offered EMDR Phase 1 programs in Toronto and Vancouver.

You Will Learn:

  • About how to address the major concerns EMDR clinicians have regarding virtual applications of EMDR such as client safety, attunement, and managing the client’s window of tolerance
  • How to develop enhance resources for client’s use before, during an after a virtual EMDR processing session
  • About the belief-focused neural network approach to EMDR case conceptualization and treatment and how this impacts virtual delivery of EMDR
  • About the Processing Continuum: EMD^, EMDr, EMDR and its application in a virtual environment

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