Resilience and Post-Traumatic Growth

Led by Linda Graham, LMFT

Thursday, June 13, and
Friday, June 14, 2019

9:00 am to 4:40 pm

“Trauma is a fact of life. It doesn’t have to be a life sentence.”
– Peter Levine, developer of Somatic Experiencing trauma therapy

People learn and grow from meeting the challenges and adversities of the human condition when they have enough support, resources and skills to do so. In this workshop, you will learn skills, strategies and tools that will help your clients strengthen the neural circuitry of response flexibility in their brains. Whether they are coping with small annoyances or full-blown disasters, these practices will help your clients become more competent at dealing with any level of disruption to their resilience.

The latest research in post-traumatic growth has identified five factors in helping clients fully recover from trauma, tragedies and disruptive life experiences: accepting reality; resourcing with family, friends and community; recognizing the positive in the midst of difficulty; writing a new narrative of the event(s) within a larger life story; and appreciating the new life that emerges because of the difficulties and not just in spite of them.

Drawing on a neuroscientific perspective, Linda Graham will show you how to apply practices to address each of these factors. You will learn specific interventions that will help rewire neural circuitries so that your clients are better equipped to take growth-enhancing risks that enable them to not only survive hard times but to thrive.

You will learn skills, strategies and tools to help your clients —

  • Reverse the impact of stress and trauma and recover the baseline physiological equilibrium of the nervous system in ways that are safe, efficient and effective
  • Regulate surges of powerful emotions to come out of contraction and reactivity or out of anxiety, depression, grief, loneliness and guilt, to heal toxic shame and retire the inner critic
  • Counteract the negativity bias of the brain and rewire automatic coping behaviours that would derail your clients’ resilience and learning, even when these patterns are seemingly stuck and intractable
  • Reconnect with people who can serve as effective refuges and resources of safety and healing
  • Strengthen the executive functioning of the higher brain to discern options and make wise choices that lead to thriving and flourishing

Helping Clients with Rewiring and Deconditioning

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Event Detail

June 13, 2019 9:00 am
June 14, 2019 4:40 pm