Take These Broken Wings: Three Ways to Turn Post-Traumatic Stress into Post-Traumatic Success

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This session, led by Bill O’Hanlon, psychotherapist, Oprah guest, and author of 40 books including three on trauma (Thriving Through Crisis, Penguin Perigee; and Even From a Broken Web and A Quick Guide to Resolving Trauma, W.W. Norton), gives a radically different perspective on trauma. Bill shows both the spontaneous examples of positive growth and benefits following trauma and crises as well as the deliberate strategies and methods for transforming trauma into more positive directions.

After this webinar, you will know the crucial things you can do to turn trauma into positive growth and success, including:

  • Challenging prevalent myths about PTSD
  • The possibility of positive benefits from trauma and crises
  • The research evidence for the possibility of positive benefits following trauma and crises
  • How to create post-traumatic success
  • The 3 Cs for transforming crisis and trauma

Learning Objectives:

  • Explain and help clients implement the three ways to transform trauma into growth and change
  • Explain one piece of research that challenges the idea that all people who have experienced trauma develop PTSD
  • Identify and demonstrate one of the seven pathways to connection

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