The Sometimes Hidden Reality of Adult ADHD Today: Clinical Update on Diagnosis and Management

Led by Russell A. Barkley, PhD

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Could it be ADHD? Contrary to previous misperceptions, children with ADHD do not just “grow out of it.” ADHD is now recognized as a relatively common mental disorder of adults, affecting 4-5 percent of the adult population. It has a pervasive impact on almost every area of daily living including work, education, socializing and overall health. Increasingly, referrals for suspected Adult ADHD and self-identified concerns are bringing clients to clinicians and therapists everywhere.

Author of more than 20 books, rating scales and clinical manuals, Russell Barkley is an internationally-recognized authority on ADHD. His work is considered to be the cornerstone for best practices in the assessment and management of ADHD. Join Dr. Barkley in this 3-hour INTERACTIVE Live Webcast with opportunities to:

  • Ask Dr. Barkley questions via video/online chat in real time
  • Mingle with fellow webinar participants during online chat/meeting rooms during the breaks
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Dr. Barkley will guide you on the diagnosis and assessment of Adult ADHD and the need for clinical judgement beyond just employing a DSM-5 algorithm. You will learn about common comorbidities as well as adaptive impairments that accompany ADHD in adult life. The workshop will introduce the most effective treatment strategies highlighting counselling, medications, CBT for executive function deficits, and educational and workplace accommodations.

In these unprecedented times there is no research on the nature of things such as the impact of sheltering entirely at home on people with ADHD for entire days. Nevertheless Dr. Barkley can discuss recommendations and insights extrapolated from existing treatment research. He will touch on topics such as:

  • How to adapt the online environment for ADHD clients
  • How to help ADHD clients to manage the impact of emergency health measures such as social distancing and sheltering in place

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You will learn to —

  • How to spot ADHD in adults
  • Issues and concerns associated in evaluating ADHD and the adjustments you need to make to the DSM-5 when assessing adults
  • Issues surrounding the clinical assessment and diagnosis of ADHD and how to best address them
  • A greater understanding of the likely comorbid disorders
  • An overview of evidence-based treatments for ADHD in adults
  • About useful school, home and workplace accommodations for adults with ADHD
  • Accommodations for working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic