Three-Day Intensive with Frank Anderson: Internal Family Systems (IFS) Experiential Workshop

Led by Frank Anderson, MD

Thursday, January 9 –
Saturday, January 11, 2020

9:00 am to 4:40 pm

Do you have familiarity with IFS? Are you interested in taking your expertise to the next level? Get ready to practice practice practice! This workshop is designed to advance your clinical skills in IFS experientially.

Frank Anderson returns to Toronto, assisted by a team of highly skilled IFS-trained assistants. This three-day workshop is designed for therapists who have a basic understanding of the IFS model of therapy. The workshop will take place in a large open concept room with moveable chairs so that everyone has plenty of space to break out into dyads and smaller groups for practice. In order to customize the learning experience to individual questions and needs, there will be a ratio of 1 assistant for every 10 – 12 attendees.

Frank will begin with a model overview and show how to effectively identify and help clients separate or unblend from protective parts that are associated with attachment trauma. You will learn to proficiently utilize direct access with extreme protective parts and to effectively navigate, resolve and move beyond polarizations that commonly block progress.  We will also review the importance of getting permission from those parts and learn how to offer an alternative solution to chronically hopeless internal systems. You will learn the steps of the unburdening process and witness how healing is achieved through live demonstrations.

This unique workshop will include small-group practice sessions, supported by Frank and a team of IFS assistants. The small-group-to-assistant ratio will ensure that your learning experience is both customized to your needs and supported. Incorporated in this intensive workshop will be meditation, video examples and didactic teachings.

After attending this three-day workshop, you will be able to more confidently incorporate IFS in your clinical practice and be able to deepen your client’s ability to be with their traumatic wounds in a loving and compassionate way.

The IFS Institute (formerly known as the Centre for Self-Leadership) offers a certification program in Internal Family Systems for its own internal training purposes. While Frank has been a trainer at CSL, this 3-day experiential workshop is not affiliated with the IFS Institute.

You Will Learn How To:

  • Effectively identify the protective parts your client uses
  • Utilize direct access with extreme protective parts
  • Navigate, resolve and move beyond polarizations that block progress
  • Get permission from protective parts
  • Offer alternatives to chronically hopeless systems
  • Successfully integrate IFS with your own therapeutic approach

The total cost for Three-Day Intensive with Frank Anderson: Internal Family Systems (IFS) Experiential Workshop (January 9 – 11, 2020) comes to: $1,600 plus HST ($1,808 total). We are happy to offer you the option of paying by installments at no extra cost. Our standard payment plan is as follows:

  • Deposit due upon registration: $500 plus HST
  • 1st payment due on the 1st of month following deposit: $550 plus HST
  • 2nd payment due on 1st of month following 2nd payment: $550 plus HST

To opt for payment-by-installment, please fill out this form and email it to

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Frank Anderson, MD  
IFS Overview
How to identify and work with protective parts
Moving beyond the 6 Fs:

How to help clients separate from protective parts in relational trauma, How to update the system, Becoming proficient with direct access

Integrating IFS with different therapeutic approaches
Addressing protector fears and getting permission
How to resolve and move beyond polarizations that impede progress
Overcoming obstacles with attachment trauma
Identifying therapist parts with extreme protectors
Reviewing the steps of unburdening
Roadblocks to healing and how to address them
Case consultation

Event Detail

January 9, 2020 9:00 am
January 11, 2020 4:00 pm