Virtual Lunch Together with Bruce Ecker

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Virtual Lunch Together with Bruce Ecker
12:00 pm – 1:00 pm ET
(Toronto/New York)

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Followers of Coherence Therapy will be well acquainted with its co-founder Bruce Ecker, MA, LMFT. For those who aren’t as familiar with this therapeutic approach, Coherence Therapy goes beyond a client’s problem or symptoms by digging into their unconscious coping mechanisms to profoundly shift their behaviour — usually without months or years of therapy. We’ll be sitting down August 16 with the co-founder of this revolutionary approach to therapy to learn more.

Our FREE Virtual Lunches are a great way to meet some of the leading innovators in psychotherapy today. At this Virtual Lunch with Bruce Ecker, Leading Edge founder Michael Kerman will get Bruce talking about his career, what led him to Coherence Therapy, and his views on the future of psychotherapy.

As always, there will be lots of opportunities to ask questions and engage in a lively discussion. Or, you can just sit back and be enlightened by one of the most fascinating minds in psychotherapy today.

Bruce Ecker

Bruce Ecker, MA, LMFT, is co-originator of Coherence Therapy, co-director and co-founder of the Coherence Psychology Institute, and coauthor of “Unlocking the Emotional Brain: Eliminating Symptoms at Their Roots Using Memory Reconsolidation”; the “Coherence Therapy Practice Manual & Training Guide”; and “Depth Oriented Brief Therapy: How To Be Brief When You Were Trained To Be Deep and Vice Versa”.

Clarifying how transformational therapeutic change occurs is the central theme of Bruce Ecker’s clinical career, and he has contributed many innovations in concepts and methods of experiential psychotherapy. Since 2006 he has led the clinical field’s recognition of memory reconsolidation as the core process of transformational change. His many conference presentations, writings, trainings, and online videos have extensively mapped out how neuroscience research findings on memory reconsolidation translate into major advances in the effectiveness and unification of psychotherapy. The full scope of his work is available at Bruce lives in New York City.

To join this Virtual Lunch, attendance is free, but registration is required.

Want to learn more from Bruce Ecker? He returns to for a special 6 hour training and live follow-up Q&A “Coherence Therapy: Facilitating Transformational Change Through Memory Reconsolidation” in September and October. Click here to learn more.

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August 16, 2021 12:00 pm
August 16, 2021 1:00 pm