Virtual Lunch Together with Mary Cosimano

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Virtual Lunch Together with Mary Cosimano
12:00 pm – 1:00 pm ET
(Toronto/New York)

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Are you keeping up with all the news about Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy? Will this become a new standard to treat people with trauma histories? What kind of research trials have been completed and will governments begin to legalize these clinical treatments? And what does all this mean for your practice?

Founder Michael Kerman will interview Mary Cosimano about her 450 case studies in the use of psilocybins in clinical trials and her views on psychedelic-assisted therapy. The floor will then be opened for your questions.

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Mary Cosimano, LMSW, has been working with the Johns Hopkins Center for Psychedelic and Consciousness Research since 2000 when they began research with psilocybin. In her role as Director of Guide/Facilitator Services, Mary is responsible for training and supervising Session Facilitators. Having served as Session Facilitator and Research Coordinator, she has been involved with all the psilocybin studies and has conducted over 450 study sessions. In addition to Mary’s research with psilocybin studies, she has also worked with the Club Drug Studies, including Salvia Divinorum and Dextromethorphan. She has taught individual and group meditation to breast cancer patients in a Johns Hopkins research study and taught at the California Institute to Integral Studies (CIIS) within their Psychedelic-Assisted Therapies and Research program.

In 2003, Mary started and maintains today a meditation group for employees in her department. She also has 15 years of experience with direct patient care as a hospice volunteer. In addition to her interest in altered states of consciousness, Mary enjoys time with family, friends, nature, reading, walking, meditating, and playing games.

To join this Virtual Lunch, attendance is free, but registration is required.

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August 24, 2021 12:00 pm
August 24, 2021 1:00 pm