We welcome your feedback!

All feedback and concerns can be sent to us via email to info(at)leadingedgeseminars(dot)org or by phone to 416-964-1133.

Webinar Evaluations

Optional webinar evaluations are emailed to all participants after each webinar. We encourage you to let us know how we are doing.

Follow-up Q&A Evaluations

Most of our speakers return for a 1-hour Q&A session approximately one week following the live broadcast of their webinar. These sessions are designed for webinar attendees. Speakers will answer questions and expand upon clinical nuances and applications of their ideas.

Guests and Leading Edge Community Learner Members can add this paid option at the time of registering for the live webinar or afterward, if preferred.

Our Dedicated Learner Members and Enchilada Learner Members are invited to join ALL Follow-up Q&A sessions regardless if they attended the Live Webinar broadcast or not.

To find out more about becoming a Leading Edge Dedicated Learner or Enchilada Learner Member, click here.