'Building Resilience in Times of War, Violence & Other Traumatic Events'

Free Webinar with Dr. Pat Ogden and Rebeca Farca, PhDc, LFMT

In this presentation with Pat Ogden and Rebeca Farca, you will learn how to help clients living with long-term stress and threat by following the Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute’s (SPI) “PEACE” protocol.

You will also learn a simple SPI protocol designed for clinicians that you can use to help guide your therapy sessions.

Enjoy watching!

This free webinar is offered in collaboration with the SPI and SensorimotorItalia.it.

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Join Pat and 24 other leading trauma experts at Collective Trauma 2022!

Join us as we explore the impact of global scale events on individuals and communities and work together to facilitate recovery while building individual and societal resilience and coping.

All presentations at Collective Trauma 2022 will be recorded and archived. All registered attendees receive access to recordings for one full year.