Amelia Fiske, PhD

Amelia Fiske

Amelia Fiske, PhD

Amelia Fiske is a Senior Researcher at the Institute for the History and Ethics of Medicine at the Technical University of Munich (Germany). She is trained as a cultural anthropologist and has been working in interdisciplinary bioethics settings since 2017.

Amelia’s work is situated at the intersection of social medicine and bioethics, cultural anthropology, and science and technology studies. She holds a PhD in cultural anthropology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (USA), has held a postdoctoral position at Kiel University (Germany), and has conducted extensive field research in Ecuador and Latin America.

Amelia has over a decade of experience conducting interdisciplinary qualitative and ethnographic research on anthropological and critical social science approaches to bioethics, artificial intelligence, and digital and sociotechnical changes in knowledge production. Recent publications on this experience have been published in the American Journal of Bioethics, Journal of Bioethical Inquiry, Biosocieties, The Lancet Regional Health Europe, Frontiers in Psychology, BMJ Open, Social Science and Medicine, Journal of Medical Ethics, and Nature Machine Intelligence.

Financial Disclosures: Amelia Fiske is an employee of the Technical University of Munich. She receives a speaking honorarium from Leading Edge Seminars Inc.