Jeff Chang, PhD, RPsych

Dr. Jeff Chang

Jeff Chang, PhD, RPsych

Dr. Jeff Chang is an esteemed Associate Professor at the Graduate Centre for Applied Psychology, Athabasca University. With a background as a Registered Psychologist (AB) and a Registered Marriage and Family Therapist Supervisor Mentor affiliated with the Canadian Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, as well as a Clinical Fellow and Approved Supervisor within the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, his expertise in the field is well-established.

Throughout his career, Dr. Chang has made significant contributions as a clinician in various areas, including children’s mental health, employee assistance programs, and private practice. Currently, his practice is dedicated to assisting families entangled in high-conflict separation and divorce situations.

Dr. Chang is widely recognized for his proficiency as a clinical supervisor and serves as a valuable resource to supervisors in Alberta and Canada. Notably, he has conducted the AAMFT 30-hour Fundamentals of MFT Supervision course and has played a pivotal role in developing and maintaining the Psychologists’ Association of Alberta (PAA) online clinical supervision course. Additionally, as the esteemed supervision columnist for PAA’s newsletter and a Supervision Consultant for the College of Alberta Psychologists, Dr. Chang continues to shape the landscape of clinical supervision in the region.

With an impressive track record in academia, clinical practice, and supervision, Dr. Jeff Chang is an invaluable asset to the field of psychology and family therapy. His dedication to advancing the profession and supporting others in their professional development is commendable and greatly impacts the psychological community.