Jessica Stone, PhD

Jessica Stone

Jessica Stone, PhD

Dr. Jessica Stone is a distinguished professional with an extensive background in psychology, particularly specializing in play therapy and the integration of digital tools in mental health treatment. She holds multiple licenses and certifications, including in interstate telepsychology and digital ethics, which underlines her dedication to ethical practices in technology-aided mental health. Her academic qualifications are robust, featuring a PhD in Clinical Psychology with a focus on eco-systemic clinical child psychology.

In her professional journey, Dr. Stone has excelled in both traditional and technologically advanced settings. She has served as the Chief Psychology Officer at Ascendant VR and is the CEO and CPO of Virtual Sandtray®. She has been a pioneer in forming and chairing coalitions like the Mental Health Virtual Reality International Coalition and has developed her own therapeutic approach, Digital Play Therapy™.

Dr. Stone has a prolific publication record, covering an array of topics including various components of technology’s role in mental health, group work, game play, and trauma. She is also an accomplished speaker, often presenting at international conferences and workshops. In terms of community involvement and leadership, Dr. Stone has served on boards and chaired committees for several professional associations, highlighting both her leadership skills and her commitment to the evolution of her field.

Dr. Jessica Stone’s multifaceted expertise, spanning traditional psychological principles, technological integration, leadership, and academic contributions, makes her a prominent figure in the realms of psychology and mental health technology.