John Foulkes, RP

John Foulkes

John Foulkes, RP

John Foulkes, BSc., OPC-D Psych, CPCC, RP, (Cert.) EFT, (Cert.) IPT (he, him) can best be described as an experiential psychotherapist specializing in relationship challenges. The key to his approach is blending emotion- and solution-focused approaches and meeting people where they are in their relationship journey. His passion is supporting couples with longer-term romantic relationship challenges, families and couples managing ADHD, and adults with ADHD.

John uses a blend of tailored psychotherapy and coaching techniques to support ADHD brains. He also helps individuals address common mental health concerns such as anxiety, depression, self-esteem issues, stress management, and relationship struggles, worked through independently from their partner or family/blended family.

John’s therapy approach is informed by Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, Emotionally Focused Couple/Family Therapy (EFT), Interpersonal Therapy (IPT), and Reality Therapy (RTCT). John works with individuals (ages 18+), couples, and families.

John Foulkes currently practices in Sarnia, Ontario, and offers online therapy servicing all-Ontario.