Lynn Grodzki, LCSW, MCC

Lynn Grodzki

Lynn Grodzki, LCSW, MCC

Lynn Grodzki is a psychotherapist and a business coach, in practice since 1988. Drawing on her previous career in business, she translates business strategies for mental health therapists, counselors and other helping professionals. Her books and teachings show readers how to reconcile profit with service, and develop the mindset and maturity needed to succeed in the private practice. She is a pioneer and thought-leader in the field of practice-building and ethical commerce.

Author of six books, her best-selling Building Your Ideal Private Practice: 2nd Edition (W.W. Norton, 2015) has been considered the “bible” of private practice for two decades. She continues to break new ground with her most recent book, Therapy with a Coaching Edge. It offers a paradigm-changing model for today’s therapists, showing them how to combine the leverage and results of a coaching approach with the wisdom and goals of psychotherapy.

Lynn sits on the faculty of a large coach-training organization, is a past vice-president of the Washington, DC chapter of the National Association of Social Workers, and has been a popular presenter at therapy conferences internationally in the US, Canada, Europe and Australia for over 20 years.

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