Rebecca Kase, LCSW, RYT

Rebecca Kase

Rebecca Kase, LCSW, RYT

Rebecca Kase, LCSW, RYT, is a licensed clinical social worker and yoga instructor, living in Gig Harbor, Washington. She is an EMDR Consultant and Basic Trainer, and owner of Kase & CO Training and Consulting. She is also the author of Polyvagal Informed EMDR: A Neuro-Informed Approach to Healing.

Rebecca is a force of nature. She’s a compassionate and authentic consultant, who has a keen sense for holding space, bringing levity to the heaviest of topics, and creating engaging learning experiences.

Rebecca incorporates yoga throughout her clinical work and training and has specialties in mind-body techniques, dissociation, complex trauma, and ego-state work. She values creating shame-free spaces for learning in training and consultation and believes in teaching clinicians the values of humility and curiosity as vital elements to the healing process.

Rebecca Kase has worked in a variety of settings and with a variety of populations. She began her career as an MSW working with children and adolescents. She has worked in community mental health centers, nursing homes, private practice, shelters, crisis centers, community-based work, and internationally. She has been teaching in professional and academic settings since 2009.

Financial Disclosures: Rebecca Kase maintains a private practice. She receives royalties from WW Norton and PESI. She receives a speaking honorarium from Leading Edge Seminars Inc.