Roy Kiessling, LISW

Roy Kiessling

Roy Kiessling, LISW

Roy Kiessling, LISW, is an EMDRIA-certified trainer and the founder of EMDR Consulting. Trained in EMDR in 1995, Roy grew professionally as one of Francine Shapiro’s training facilitators (1997-2001), then as a senior trainer for her humanitarian organization (2001-2013), and finally as a senior trainer for Francine’s EMDR Institute (2006-2013).

Through EMDR Consulting, Roy Kiessling and his team of trainers and coaches have conducted hundreds of EMDRIA-Approved basic EMDR trainings, educated over 10,000 clinicians in the Belief Focused Neurological Approach to EMDR, and taught innovative approaches including extended resourcing and neurological target planning and processing, using his EMDR Processing Continuum: EMD^, EMDr, EMDR.

Financial Disclosures: Roy Kiessling is an employee of EMDR Consulting. He is President/Owner of EMDR Consulting where he receives an additional salary. He receives a speaking honorarium from Leading Edge Seminars Inc.

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