IPW 2024 Relational Life Therapy: 2-Day Training with Terry Real


IPW 2024 Relational Life Therapy: 2-Day Training with Terry Real

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December 5-6, 2024
9:00 am – 4:45 pm each day


Toronto Central YMCA
20 Grosvenor Street
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M4Y 2V5
(416) 975-9622


Relational Life Therapy: The Beginnings

Don’t miss this exciting new course in Toronto with acclaimed family therapist Terry Real! Watch as he works LIVE with a volunteer couple. And witness firsthand the steps of his popular two-day intensive, “Relational Intervention,” for couples on the brink (that no one has been able to help).

For over a decade, couples have flocked to Terry’s Relational Intervention training—and been successfully pulled back from the ledge. And it is this work that laid the foundation for Terry’s unique and powerful method, “Relational Life Therapy” (RLT).

Now it’s your chance to learn how to conduct these transformative, two-day Relational Life Therapy intensives with your own couples. Plus, you’ll discover the fundamentals of this remarkably effective therapy at the same time.

The Three Phases of Relational Life Therapy

RLT is known for producing deep, permanent change quickly. It transforms not only the relationship but also the character of each partner. As you observe Terry, you will see exactly how RLT works in three phases:

Phase 1: Waking Up the Client

  • Loving Confrontation: Terry will show you how to help each partner identify their dysfunctional “relational stance”—their part of the endless vicious circle they’re both stuck in. For instance, “The more I pursue, the more you distance, and the more you distance, the more I pursue.”
  • Joining Through the Truth: This is the core skill of RLT. It’s the art of engaging the client’s Wise Adult part of the psyche (their non-reactive prefrontal cortex) and forming an alliance with them by sharing difficult truths right out of the starting gate.

Phase 2: Trauma Work in the Presence of One Another

  • Deep Inner Child Work: RLT is unique in that we conduct trauma work within the couples’ context. This means that one partner dives into the roots of the childhood adaptation they bring into their relationship with their partner present. This is infinitely preferrable to doing such transformative work separately, behind closed doors.
  • Show Me the Thumbprint, and I’ll Tell You About the Thumb: After identifying each partner’s Adaptive Child strategy, we pose two questions: “Where did you learn this?” and “What, and who, were you adapting to?” Here, we explore Relational Life Therapy’s unique “parts” work. With this distinctly relational approach, the client encounters and begins to reparent their immature, trauma-based parts, opening up understanding and compassion in their partners.

Phase 3: Skill-Building (Strengthening the Best Part of You)

  • Sustaining Intimacy: RLT does not believe, as many current trauma therapies do, that once someone resolves trauma, partners will know how to be intimate. We live in an individualistic, patriarchal culture that does not equip us with the skills we need to sustain true intimacy.
  • Relational Living: The final stage of Relational Life Therapy arms the Wise Adult part of each partner with a sophisticated yet practical roadmap to live in a new, relational way. Here, each person learns how to stand up for themselves and cherish their partner in the same breath. They learn how to listen with compassion rather than defensiveness. They also learn the specific steps of repair. These are a few examples of a repertoire of uncommon skills taught in RLT that are capable of delivering lasting intimacy.

The Path Forward

A hidden treasure of Relational Life Therapy is that it’s impossible to learn this work without experiencing the benefits for yourself!

Join Terry and get introduced to powerful techniques to turn around your clients’ relationships and essential relational skills to transform your own.

  • Articulate how to get past the presenting problem in couples therapy and identify each partner’s relational stance.
  • Understand and describe the 3 phases of Relational Life Therapy and how they work to guide couples through the process of relational healing and recovery.
  • Articulate how to empower the enabling partner in couples where there’s a power imbalance.
  • Understand how to join through the truth, forming an alliance with difficult clients using the art of loving confrontation.
  • Identify how to develop strategies to gain and use leverage, motivating each partner to move beyond their comfort zone.
  • Use techniques to move from the present difficulty to early childhood experience (Family of Origin).
  • Communicate how to introduce and teach new relational skills to couples like empathy, vulnerability, and accountability.

This training offers 12 hours of direct contact (not counting breaks or lunch). It is the participant’s responsibility to check with their individual state boards/regulatory body to verify CE requirements for their license to practice.

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