Nyck Walsh, MA, LPC

Nyck Walsh

Nyck Walsh, MA, LPC

Nyck Walsh, MA, LPC, (they/them) has been a leader for 14 years in bringing somatic, anti-ableist, trauma-informed care to Autistic children, adults, and families.

Nyck is a Neurodivergent therapist and the founder and director of Nyck Walsh Counseling & Training Center, formerly The Infinite U. The center provides somatic counselling for Autistic and ADH (attention deficit hyperactivity) adults and training to clinicians. Their work brings a compassionate and accurate lens to Neurodivergent people and has created a national following among clinicians wishing to expand their ability to serve Neurodivergent clients.

Nyck graduated from Naropa University in 2015 with a degree in Somatic Counseling Psychology with a concentration in Body Psychotherapy. Their identities include white, Autistic, queer, trans, and Jewish. As a somatic, anti-oppression counsellor, Nyck understands how sociocultural locations, both privileged and marginalized, inform their perspective and experience, both as an individual and a clinician.

Nyck Walsh is deeply passionate about supporting late-identified Autistic folx and helping people socialized as girls to unpack their lives through the lens of their unidentified and misunderstood Autistic experience.

Financial Disclosures: Nyck Walsh maintains a private practice called Nyck Walsh Counseling & Training Center. The center undertakes contract work as a speaker for The Knowledge Tree. They receive a speaking honorarium from Leading Edge Seminars Inc.