Is it time for a brain tune-up

The latest research about neuroscience has taken hold and is influencing popular culture and therapy. This article about “brain tune-ups” presents further evidence about the value of neuroscience and I’m sure we will continue to see similar articles in the media and scientific journals. We are proud to have speakers like Sebern Fisher and Ed Hamlin who promote the understanding of neuroscience and the promotion of its use with clients.

From Science Daily:
‘Volition powers us through innumerable daily tasks. Could we lead healthier, more productive lives if we could learn to control the parts of our brain most essential to volition? A new spin on a technique called ‘neurofeedback’ has allowed scientists to take the first step in understanding how to manipulate neurotransmitter circuits involved in volition using thoughts and imagery. The methods may one day inform the treatment of depression or ADHD.”

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