Autism was both a disability and a thing that made me exceptional…

John Elder Robison was diagnosed with ASD at the age of 40. He is the best-selling author of Being Different, Raising Cubby, and Switched On. He is also the founder of J.E. Robison (a service for high performance automobiles) and an advocate for people with autism.

In the first of four videos, John describes how he went from being a sound engineer for April Wine and Kiss to being a scholar and consultant on Neurodiversity. By the time he was diagnosed, he says: “I had had a lot of stuff that I had done with my life and I could see how autism was both a disability and a thing that made me exceptional and when I learned about it I wanted to share my experiences growing up with young people because I thought there must be millions of people growing up today that are having the same crummy experiences I did as a boy…”

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